Terms And Conditions


   Placing an order with General Iron Doors, Inc. is very simple. A 30% deposit gets things started. We accept all major debit and credit cards. With your deposit we provide you CAD /computer-aided design/ drawing of your chosen design for your approval prior to production with the balance due just prior to shipping or at installation. When customer looks over the drawing and makes sure everything is correct, we send the order to production. There is no cancellation when the drawing is approved and the order is sent to production.

In-stock product can be picked up, shipped, delivered or installed same day. Special and custom product will be available within 8-10 weeks.

General Iron Doors, Inc warrants all product against manufacturing defects for 10 years on the iron door structure and mechanics/moving parts and welding/, 3 years on the finish, excluding glass, weather stripping, a door sweep. We will repair at a place of our choosing or replace all warranted defective products. This warranty begins on the date of sale. All warranties are null and void if the installation is found /by General Iron Doors, Inc./to be faulty in workmanship, in its sole discretion.

We have the right to view, inspect, examine any and all products claimed to be defective by customers. Failure of Customer to permit such access shall be deemed a waiver of all of Customer’s rights under such warranty. Our limited warranty does not cover product that has been rendered unusable due to damage or mishandling. We support our customers with a warranty that covers defective conditions based on industry standards of acceptability. We take a fair and objective view of any warranty situation, but it is important to understand that a warranty does not cover any and all problems that may occur.

We assume no liability for any labor charges regarding the installation, removal, or reinstallation of doors. Damages caused by accident, misuse, abuse or improper installation are not covered under this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by paint, acid or other chemicals. This warranty is strictly limited to the cost of repair of the product.

Scratches and other damages on glass or door finish as a result of pets or foreign objects or chemicals are not covered under this warranty.

Generally, iron doors are resistant to the outdoor environment and its elements. Their resilience to sun, rain, winds and extreme temperatures means little maintenance, if any is required. All Iron door products exposed to below freezing climates may sweat on the interior of the door depending on the humidity level in the home. This is not considered to be a defect with the door, and will not harm the door. Customers living in the coldest and chilliest states, where the temperature may get 25 degrees or less, have an opportunity to purchase thermally broken / against sweating and ice/ or hurricane proof doors and windows. Customers will need to make sure there is a sufficient overhang which needs to be the same width and height of the iron product /door, transom or window/ starting from outside dimensions of the product. Even if you have an overhang, it is also recommended for the doors or windows to be out-swing to help with weather sealing because of unpredictable combination of side wind and rain /in-swing doors and windows are vulnerable to leakage because of bottom threshold/.

All product finishes may age relative to exposure. The finish is warranted against flaking or peeling from normal wear and tear. Iron doors rarely require care and maintenance. You can open the hinged glass door and use a glass cleaner to remove smudges, dust and fingerprints. A non-abrasive cleaner, such as  regular Pledge, can be used on the metalwork itself, as cleaning with harsh chemicals including ammonia based products (e.g. glass cleaner) may damage the finish. Do not use top water on your iron door, since tap water has calcium, rust, fluoride and other minerals that form a white build up over a short amount of time that is very difficult to safely remove. Do not hose your door off with the water hose.